Small Batch McLaren Vale Family Grown and Made Wines

Hastwell & Lightfoot was started in 1988 by Mark & Wendy Hastwell and their mates Martin and Jill Lightfoot. Together, our two families planted our first vineyards in the deep sandy slopes of Foggo Road. Now under the leadership of the Hastwell family's second generation, we tend to forty acres of vineyard and four acres under olive in our certified sustainable vineyard.

Beyond crafting McLaren Vale icons like Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, we've been pioneers in producing wines from alternative grape varieties native to Spain and Italy that are well-suited to our growing conditions in McLaren vale (e.g., Fiano, Vermentino, Tempranillo, Barbera, and more).

Guided by a focus on precision, our winemaker James Hastwell strives to produce bright, fruit-forward wines with lively acidity, smooth tannins and judicious use of oak that showcase the premium McLaren Vale grapes grown on our sandy slopes. These attributes yield fresh and vibrant wines that pair exceptionally well with food.

It's through these varieties and winemaking style, that we believe Hastwell & Lightfoot wines represent the best of what's possible in a modern McLaren Vale.

  • Mark Hastwell

    Founding Partner, Vigneron & CEO

    Currently Drinking:

    2019 Sands of Time Shiraz

  • Wendy Hastwell

    Founding Partner

    Currently Drinking:

    2022 Fiano

  • Kishan Sidhu


    Currently Drinking:

    2018 Cabernet Franc

  • James Hastwell


    Currently Drinking:

    2019 Once Around the Sun

  • Nicole St. Pierre

    General Manager & Winemaking Support

    Currently Drinking:

    2022 Barbera

  • Trinity Hastwell

    Strategic Advisor, Accounts & Marketing

    Currently Drinking:

    2023 Barbera Rosé

  • Oliver Budack

    Venue Manager & Sommelier

    Currently Drinking:

    2021 Vermentino

  • Clare Baldwin

    Cellar Door

    Currently Drinking:

    2019 Red Fury

  • Hugo Hastwell

    Winery Dog

    Currently Eating:

    Your Platter Scraps

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Crafted with Precision

Winemaker, scientist or engineer? To know our Winemaker, James Hastwell, is to know the lines between these three professions is blurry.

From an early age, James developed a passion for rigorous engineering principles and a reverence for the scientific method. He could often be found as a child crafting forts out of scrap metal, tinkering with motors, building radios, and driving tractors across the vineyard he helped plant when he was 10 years old. Rather than playing make-believe, you'd find him reading manuals to learn how things work — from refrigeration systems to antennae design to car engines.

Through these activities, he developed a fanatical passion for precision and craftsmanship — an astute focus on quality that drives every aspect of his approach to winemaking, and Hastwell & Lightfoot wines, today.